Airport Scavenger Hunt!



There is a lot you can see, do, and learn at the airport. Grab a pencil and see how many of these 10 fun things you can do while you wait to board your plane!


1. Get a high five from a ticketing agent or flight attendant. [ ]

2. Count how many pieces of luggage your family packed for your trip. [ ]
Answer: _____________

3. Find the boarding time on your airplane ticket. [ ]
Time: ______________

4. Find your boarding gate number on the flight information display system. [ ]
Gate number: _________________

5. Take a picture of an airplane. [ ]

6. Find a coffee cup inside of a coffee shop. [ ]

7. Fill up your water bottle at the water fountain. [ ]

8. Find a store that sells books and magazines. [ ]

9. Find a piece of artwork and make a sketch of it. [ ]

10. Answer to this question: What is an aircraft fueler? [ ]
Answer: _________________________


BONUS POINT! Find a dog or other pet at the airport. What is its name?

Answer: __________________________

Stirling NeffComment