Road Trip Games!

Road trips can be long, but they don’t have to be boring! Here are five fun games to play with mom, dad, and your siblings. For some of these, you’ll need a notebook and pencil. 

The License Plate Game

Can you spot license plates from all 50 states and Washington, D.C.? It’s especially exciting when you see one from Alaska or Hawaii. Keep a running list from all of your road trips! (Moms and dads: If your kiddos don't know how to read yet, see how many colors they can spot!)

20 Questions

Think of an object, animal, or famous person. Then your car mates get to ask 20 yes or no questions about the person or thing before guessing what or who it is. Take turns and see if you can solve the mystery!

The Homonym Game

Do you know what a homonym is? Generally speaking, homonyms are words that sound alike or are spelled alike but have different meanings. Which and witch for example, or bare and bear. Keep a running list and see how many you can come up with. One of my best friend’s families kept a running list for 10 years and came up with over a thousand homonyms!

The Geography Game

This is a tough one, but let’s see how long you can play! Someone starts by naming a place (country, state/province—or similar territory—city, or things like mountain ranges and bodies of water). Then the next person has to name a place that starts with the last letter in the previous player’s place, and so on. For example, if the first person says Antarctica, the next person might say Afghanistan, and the next person might say New Orleans, and the next Santa Fe. Keep going until someone can't think of a place. 

I Spy

Here’s a great one if you have siblings under three. It’s fun, though you have to be quicker in a car! Pick an object in the distance and see if your car mates can guess it before you’ve passed it. If that’s too hard, stick to things in the car.

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