Renting a car seat for your rental car? Ask these ten questions.

If you’re anxious about renting a child seat from a car rental agency, pick up the phone and call the agency you’re picking up from directly (not the toll-free number). Speak to someone that has their own kids, if possible (I mean, how much did you pay attention to car seats before you had to use one?) and ask these eight questions. You’ll quickly get a sense as to whether or not they take their car seat rentals seriously, or if they’re just an afterthought.

1. Do you rent car seats at your location, and if so, what brand(s)? Can I reserve the brand now and choose my actual seat upon arrival?

2. How do you clean and store your child seats between rentals?

3. Can you confirm that you’ll have the manual on hand to help me with installation?

4. Can you talk me through the safety measures you take if a car seat has been recalled or been in an accident?

5. Based on how your car seats are treated during and between rentals, would you feel comfortable using them with your own kids?

6. How often do you buy new seats?

7. What is the safest overall car rental for my family?

8. Any tips for car entertainment on long drives?