12 Questions to Ask Vacation Rental Owners

Before you book your family’s vacation rental on a site like Vacasa or HomeAway, consider asking some of these questions as they apply to your kids’ ages and abilities. You’ll get a better sense of whether the property is right for your family and get a sense of the owner's communication skills and preferences.

A great kitchen is a major plus on family vacations.

A great kitchen is a major plus on family vacations.

1. Tell me about your beds: What is the sleeping layout, and do you have cribs, pack n’ plays, guardrails?

2. Which bedroom would you recommend for sleeping children—is there one that is located down a hallway or that gets particularly dark?

3. Let’s address safety: Do you have a fire alarm and a carbon monoxide detector? (If not, consider portable options.)

4. Do any of your bathrooms have a bathtub or kid’s tub? No? How about a deep bathroom sink with a plug?

Sometimes even a bucket will do!

Sometimes even a bucket will do!

5. Do you have a functioning washer/dryer that guests can use, or a regular housekeeper that does laundry?

6. What, if any, toys and entertainment-minded amenities are available for use, such as beach toys, board games, and DVDs?

7. Do you have a dishwasher? Plastic or kid-friendly dinnerware?

8. Are there stairs to get up to or located in the residence?

9. Is your pool or yard gated? Is the house located on a busy street?

10. Do you have any kid-friendly suggestions in the destination where your place is located?

11. Are you aware of any local babysitting resources?

12. We want to be respectful of your house. Is there anything you worry about when it comes to having children in your home?